Congratulations to Brooks Koepka in winning the US Open. The 7th first-time major winner in a row suggests that golf is not a processional sport like F1 and others.

But this quote worries me:

“It was bombs away,” he (Koepka) said. “You could hit it far and the fairways were generous enough. That was a big plus for me. I’m a big ball striker. On some of these par fives I don’t even need to hit driver to get there.”

I think Rory McIlroy was right in suggesting that the decision to widen the fairways from 60 yards to 85/90 yards was wrong in terms of what the US Open stand for.

Are the USGA guilty of dumbing down one of the greatest golf tournaments in a bid to rescue TV audiences who are deserting the game now that Tiger is off the scene?

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