Leading golf and leisure apparel brand Chervò has taken its use of cutting-edge technology to new heights after launching a new online app giving golfers advice on the latest weather forecast and the best outfit to wear for the conditions.

Free to download from the App Store for iPhone and iPad users, the new software is easy to use and offers men and women the chance to view a detailed forecast for the date and time they wish to play, before recommending a suitable Chervò outfit depending on the climate.

Each outfit will be connected to the Italian company’s website store, allowing App users instant access to additional information on products with a view to immediately purchasing them online or at their nearest Chervò supplier.

And it’s not just golfers who can benefit from the app, with lovers of the outdoor life also able to take full advantage of its features and select activities including sailing, hiking, walking or simply socialising, and have an outfit suggested for each depending on the weather.

Manfred Erlacher, CEO of Chervò ‘Spa, said: “This is the first-ever app that Chervò has launched and we’re thrilled to be introducing such an innovative product at a very exciting time for the company.

“The motto at Chervò is “Wherever, whenever” and this is a perfect example of giving our customers, both golfers and non-golfers, the latest technology available so that they can make the best decision on what to wear.”

The app is the latest illustration of Chervò’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to delivering the ultimate cutting-edge technology which has seen the luxury Italian brand increase its sales at home in the 12 months and consolidate growth in more than 35 other countries worldwide.

Company revenue rose by five per cent in Italy in 2015 while it also enjoyed improved performances across the globe after deciding at the start of last year to directly manage the distribution in various countries including Italy, France, Austria, Germany and the UK.

Created in 1982 by Manfred and Peter Erlacher, Chervò offers a range of vibrant, stylish and authentic collections which feature the latest cutting-edge technology and performance materials. Universally recognised by the market, Chervò’s vision and creative concept guarantees superior technical performance and an unmistakable Italian elegance in all weather conditions – on the course, in the clubhouse and beyond in everyday life.

The brand’s pioneering technologies include its globally-acclaimed DRY-MATIC® technology, which can be seen on its latest line of trousers for men and women and offer an extraordinary ability to dry quickly, combining maximum freshness and comfort with an elegant fit.

Chervò is available at around 1,000 multi-brand venues worldwide, and is established as the leading golf and leisure apparel brand in Italy and numerous other European countries including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Spain. In addition, it is available in pro shops at a selection of prestigious international golf clubs.

– To discover more about Chervò, or to make an appointment, contact Chervò’s UK sales agents Tim Greenwood (England & Wales), on 07815 097928 or via tim@w3golf.co.uk; or Chris Thundow (Ireland & Scotland) on 07768 910606 or via christhundow@aol.com.

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• Chervò was launched in 1982 when brothers Manfred and Peter Erlacher started producing innovative, fashionable and durable skiwear. Chervò entered the golf market a decade later and continued with the ethos of developing garments designed to enhance performance with a refined fashionable appearance.

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