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Olympic Golf Marketing Ideas

Olympic Golf Marketing IdeasThe Olympic Games is now well and truly underway. For the first time in 112 years, golf is back on the agenda at the world’s biggest sporting jamboree. A total of 60 players will play in the event, on both the men’s and women’s side.

The format will be the same for both, as they compete in a 72 hole individual stroke play tournament, representing their country. World rankings will be used in determining who has the opportunity to play at the 2016 Olympic Games.

The men’s tournament starts on Thursday 11th August and the women’s tournament commences the following week on Wednesday 17th. Both events take place on the specially built course.
To help you make the most of this historic golf tournament, we have put together 11 Olympic Golf Marketing Ideas for golf brands to use in their marketing

1. Share an infographic about golf in the Olympics

You could create your own infographic, or look for one online that you could share. Or you could take some of the key facts and just tweet them to your followers and club members etc:

  • 41 countries
  • 120 players
  • 2 events
  • 112 years since golf was last in the Olympics

2. Talk about the Olympic golf course

This was specially built for the 2016 Rio Olympics on reclaimed land and will be a public course after the event. Golf is one of the sports that is in the full Olympics, but not the Paralympics – which is a shame, I’m sure that the players from the European Disabled Golf Association would love to have taken up the challenge!

rio olympics golf course - Olympic Golf Marketing Ideas

3. Share an image of the Olympic golf course scorecard

Not much is known about the new Olympic golf course, you certainly won’t find many (if any) reviews have been posted on any of the course review sites such as

So, grab the initiative and post this image of the scorecard.

olympic golf course scorecard

4. Set up an Olympic Golf Pinterest board

Pinterest is a perfect tool for long tail Olympic Golf marketing ideas. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account for your golf brand, then you really should create one right away. We have set up an Olympic Golf board and saved some great images already, so you can take a short cut and start repinning this content. What better way to kick-start your Olympic golf social media campaign in just a matter of minutes?

5. Follow each of the players in your country’s team

You do know who is representing you country in the Men’s and Women’s tournaments – don’t you? Make sure that you follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so you know what they are up to over the next 2 weeks.

6. Send them good luck messages via Twitter

Be cheeky, send them a good luck tweet from you, or your club, or brand. The funny thing is, their own sponsors can’t actually do this due to the constraints of Rule 40 – see our earlier blog post Rio Olympics Golf – Golfers could be banned over Rule 40

7. Retweet their content

You never know, if you send them a good luck message, or even mention them in a tweet, you might just get a response back – which you can the retweet and blog about, just like this interaction from @JustinpRose99 that we received overnight!
justin rose olympic tweet - olympic golf marketing ideas

8. Set up a challenge on the driving range – chip into each of 5 coloured rings to win a prize, pay to enter, all proceeds to the Captain’s charity

9. Offer a discount based on the winning score

This Olympic golf marketing idea and the next one are really easy to set-up and promote. Offering a discount for online sales, based on the outcome of the tournament, is quite simple to do and gives you the opportunity to send all your customers and prospects a message before the Olympic Golf Tournament begins, and then of course immediately after. Don’t forget to limit the length of time the offer is available, and send everyone a third message when there is just 24 hours left to go!

10. Offer a discount based on the final score by your country’s player

The same goes as per Idea #9

11. Run an Olympic Golf Sweepstake

You could run a simple sweepstake, inviting your followers and customers to guess who will win the medals, or maybe the combined score of the winning man and woman. Just like the previous 2 ideas, a sweepstake gives you a great chance to post/send multiple messages during the course of the Olympic Games.

I hope you like these Olympic golf marketing ideas, if you are planning something different, I would love to hear about what you get up to.

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