Green And Back – the most convenient golf towel in the world just got better

This two-in-one golf towel, now with wire bristles, enables golfers to maintain maximum spin and control, from all their irons, through 18 holes of golf.

Norfolk, England, 18th November 2016

Green and Back golf towelGreen And Back, the Norfolk, England, based golf towel manufacturer, has just released version 2 of the highly successful 2-in-1 golf towel. The new design features wire bristles in the groove cleaning brush for faster and more effective cleaning of club face grooves. The nylon bristled version one is still available for golfers with forged irons.

The towel and brush combination is ideal for keeping your clubface free of dirt and grass, ensuring maximum spin and control on the ball, allowing you to always play your best shot!

The Green and Back golf towel is one integrated unit, featuring a high quality golf towel and groove cleaner. The 2-in-1 towel clips easily onto all golf bags for easy access after every shot.

Justin Fordham, creator of the Green & Back golf towel stated:

“The introduction of the new version of the Green & Back 2-in-1 golf towel with wire bristles means that you can clean your clubs in any playing condition, whether you play forged irons or not.”

The Green & Back golf towel is made from a composite construction using a super-absorbent and quick-drying golf towel and a reinforced ABS plastic brush, durable enough to be used for countless rounds.

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Notes to Editor: The Green & Back golf towel was created by Norfolk golfer Justin Fordham following the revisions to golf’s equipment Rules, effective 1st January 2010, that limited club face groove volume and groove edge sharpness. The Green and Back golf towel is available from the Green & Back website and from Amazon where it has over 60 FIVE star reviews, making it one of the highest rated golf towels on the market.


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