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To say that the last few months at Golf HR have been busy is a bit of an understatement.

We are based in Goring on Thames, and specialise in employment law for private member golf clubs, countrywide.

You see, if you employ even ONE member of your staff, you’re bound by employment law. “Employment law” basically refers to all the rules regarding sickness, holidays, dismissal, disciplinary procedures etc. that you HAVE to adhere to, if you don’t want to end up in a tribunal. So you can kind of see why it’s madness for ANY business that employs ANY staff members not to know what it is. But loads don’t.

When I moved into the golf sector in 2010, I discovered that A LOT of golf clubs were like this. They just didn’t have a clue. It was almost like the letters “H” and “R” weren’t part of their vocabulary. Thankfully, over the years we’ve been able to help more and more clubs to engage with HR and employment law, and these days we work with over 40 private member golf clubs, like Goring & Streatley, Henley, and The Berkshire to name just a handful.

To meet the demand for our services, since September 2015, we’ve taken on four new staff members.

With that in mind, I thought I’d just introduce you to the Golf HR team, but given that most people find HR more boring than watching paint dry, despite its necessity, I’ve discovered some “interesting facts” about us all – have a look at the photograph and see if you can match the fact to the staff member.

golf hr team

Who has a PhD?

Who’s the Oxbridge graduate?

Who loves how polite golf club managers are after dealing with investment bankers in her previous life?

Who managed to bag us a Hotel Chocolat hamper?

Who used to be an armoured car salesperson?

Who ran a family business for years?

Once you’ve had a guess, click HERE for the answers.

Carolyne Wahlen

P.S. If you’re wondering who the devastatingly cute miniature schnauzer is, he’s called Comet and he’s extremely mischievous.

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